America-China currency war

[Hassan Abbasi, conspiracy theorist and Iranian regime propagandist, says that Iranian supreme leader was the first to suggest not using dollars as the main currency in trades.]

Hassan Abbasi: China-USA currency war. You should see this currency war to realize what was going on. 40% of Chinese economy was destroyed. So why did America punish China?  Because China had started an association called Brics which consisted of Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa. 46% of the world’s economy belong to these five countries. They got together to form this association. They said, ‘we are going to create new fund against IMF, we will invest the money, we will work together, and we will set dollar [as the main currency] aside.’ Don’t forget that the idea was suggested by the supreme leader.

Date of monitoring: 20/06/2020

Source: Mouood Channel

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