Afghan Party condemns death of Afghan young immigrant in Iran, calling for punishing the perpetrators

[Following the death of Afghan immigrants in Iran, Afghanistan National Participation Party calls out the hypocrisy of Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei when he criticizes the US government’s treatment of its citizens.]

–The cry of young Afghan immigrant who was in fire and smoke and was shouting, ‘Give me some water, I am burning’ betrays the depth of the anti-humanitarian crime of Iran’s oppressive regime. But terrorist Khamenei comes and shamelessly criticizes the American government’s behavior towards its citizens, yet closes his eyes on all crimes that are taking place right in front of him. Afghanistan National Participation Party strongly condemns this anti-humanitarian crime of Iranian regime, seriously calling for the United Nations, humanitarian and international institutions, and Organization of Islamic Countries to punish the perpetrators of this crime in international courts – so that Iran decreases the inhumane treatment of Afghan immigrants.

–Death to Iranian regime!

–Death to terrorist Khamenei!

–Death to Mullahs’ regime in Iran!

–Death to fascist regime of Iran!

Date of monitoring: 13/06/2020

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