About Us

Iran-TAG website (WWW.IRANTAG.NET), monitors and scrutinizes Iranian media, especially the regime-controlled state television channels. The site, run by a dedicated multilingual team, offers English-subtitled footage of senior Iranian regime officials’ speeches, lectures and commentary, as well as providing the full text of the subtitles below the videos for those unable for any reason to watch the videos.Iran-TAG Objectives:1. Revealing the reality of the Iranian regime to the Western public.2. Exposing the Iranian regime’s oppressive practices against the Iranian people and its explicit violations of human rights.3. Seeking to provide an authoritative reference source for media personnel and journalists interested in Iranian affairs worldwide.4. Highlighting the contradictions of the Iranian regime and its leading figures through publishing and analyzing their statements.5. Monitoring and publishing the threats issued by Iranian regime officials in order to provide a permanent record of their statements, with regime-controlled state media routinely deleting controversial footage and news reports and flatly denying previous statements.