TV’s airing porn is better than advertising for banks, says Hassan Abbassi

(Head of the Center for Doctrinal Strategic Studies and hard-line theorist)

Today usury is not a crime in our country. The official institutions of this establishment–that is, Central Bank and the financial system are entangled in it [usury]. It is openly and practically advertised on the Islamic Republic TV. A sin like adultery is not said to be war against God.

I mean if our TV only airs porn from morning to night, it is not as bad as the way it is advertising usury from morning to night, saying: put your money in this bank which will give you this much interest, 20 Mercedes-Benz Elegance, cars…and then they show you several kilometers of paper money, saying we’ll give you thousands of acres of paper money.

See how strange it is! Really? If the Islamic Republic TV airs porn, it is less dangerous than this, which is a war against God. The Koran clearly says this is war against God. And this is about one sin. That sin is called usury. However, usury is not a crime now, it is a sin though. This means cultural revolution. It means economic jihad. It means economic effort. For a military jihad, you had to wear a shroud, and there were battlefields, bullets and shrapnel. Economic jihad means that people’s lives will be contaminated with usury