Khamenei: Within 25 years, Israel won’t exist

The Iranian supreme leader, Ali Khamenei says, “Upon completion of the nuclear talks, I heard that Zionists in occupied Palestine said, currently with the nuclear negotiations that took place this suggests that for 25 years we will have calm and be free from any concerns regarding Iran , and after the passage of these 25 years we will think about it.

He adds, “I said in my response, firstly you will not see the next 25 years.”

The audience cheers, “Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest, Ali Khamenei is the supreme leader, death to those who oppose the Jurist Leadership, death to  America, death to England, death to the disgraced hypocrites, death to Israel, death to Israel ,  death to Israel , death to Israel.”

He continues, “If God wills it, by divine grace in the next 25 years the entity by the name of the Zionist regime will no longer exist in the region, God willing.

Khamenei says, “Secondly, in the same period, the Islamic, heroic jihadi warrior spirit will not, even for a second, give up on fighting Israel. They should keep this in mind.