Courageous words of a student in university: Basij is not a student organization!

The student starts, “Greetings, my friends. Mr. Heidari said, “You should prove your brotherhood first!” [But] there are many people with whom we don’t want to be brothers. [Our] Presence in this session does not give any legitimacy to “Student Basij” at all.


He adds, “Because Basij is not a student organization at all—an organization whose organizational cadre and budget is provided by the military organizations, cannot be a student organization at all. Student movement has an organic link with other social movements such as workers’ movements, women’s movement, and environmental movement.


The student ends, “The common denominator between all these movements is taking action for changing the status quo. Student movement, from historical perspective, has always been herald of social justice and freedom. Given all these preliminaries, it is obvious that thoughts and groups whose actions are in line with keeping the status quo—or even making it worse—will have no relations with student movement at all.