Iran decided to regulate social networks1

The Iranian TV, Channel Two

The Narrator says, “Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi said the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance — the state agency responsible for regulating Iran’s media.

Vaezi says, “In the initial conversations that have taken place between Supreme Council of Cyberspace, the country’s chief authority on Internet policy, Considering that people have to trust the news released on these channels, it was decided that channels with more than a certain number of members will require a license. Such as news channels with more than 5,000 members need to get a license.

He continues, “The ICT Ministry will manage the new licenses alongside the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. However, more details will be revealed once the regulations have been finalized within a month.”

Vaezi adds, “The government will form a committee in the coming months, and news channels with more than 5,000 subscribers will be required to win the committee’s approval to continue operating legally to prevent those individuals from creating pages or news channel groups and say or spread news of whatever they wish.”