Iran-Iraq war, why Mr. Montazeri?

Montazeri says, “As for the war, to tell you the truth, when revolution took place, we chanted harsh slogans such as exporting the revolution…today, Iran, tomorrow, Iraq, the day after tomorrow, such and such. Harsh slogans caused fear in our neighboring countries. I went to late Ayatollah Khomeini—in the house right in front of ours. It was Mr. Yazdi’s house. There, I told him it is always customary in the world that when a revolution takes place in a country, delegations are sent to neighboring countries to show good faith and to make them understand that we have nothing against you.”

He continues, “Our records and relations will remain the same as before. But we haven’t done this so far, and the sooner we do it, the better. That is why Saddam is talking about war and tearing Algiers Agreement. That is why this should be stopped. Then he said, “No. What are you talking about?” I said, sir, we cannot set a wall around our country. We eventually want to have relations with our neighboring countries. He said, “No, we want to set up a wall around our countries”.”