Qais al-Khazali: We support the armed option in Bahrain, Ahsa and Qatif and will go there to fight

Al-Khazali starts, “To be honest, we as Iraqis and based on our experience undertaking diplomatic and political approaches alone cannot accomplish a genuine outcome though it is required. As the world would witness the injustice, to defend and explain it. But alone it does not achieve any result. Hence, the armed resistance must join it.”

He continues, “This is our view from the beginning concerning what is going on in Bahrain. When the people of Bahrain take up the armed resistance and when the enemy (Bahrani Government) understands that there is a real power standing in front of them that they are not able to defeat it. Then, at such a time, the situation will be clear and fair solutions will come.”

Al-Khazali adds, “We are with this option. And we will support it as much as we can. And we are thinking about it. And we have readiness for it. In support and victory of Bahrain, Qatif and Ahsa and there is more than of what we are speaking about it now.”

He ends, “However, there is big part in the formations of the resistance factions who believe that their duty is the second option, that they along with popular mobilization are seeking victory and support for the people of Bahrain , Qatif and Ahsa in case the enemy crossed the red lines. And I tell it explicitly.”