Slapping an Iranian war veteran

In this video, a war veteran is angrily talking to a number of Iranian regime judiciaries, and members of the Revolutionary Guard. He is clearly holding them responsible for the series of murders committed against a number of Basiji. He is saying loudly to the folks gathered around him that if he gets killed or harmed, the Revolutionary Guards will be to blame. He added that the Revolutionary Guards are undertaking secret killings, that the judicial system is corrupt, and is avoiding holding them accountable.


The veteran says, “The system is allowing them to easily get away with heinous crimes with full impunity. Moreover, such people are personally taking over and dominating all the services, facilities, and privileges of the Revolutionary Guard Corps for their own personal benefits.”

According to the man, people such as himself are subjected to suppression and harassment if they criticize the situation.


He reported that many regime thugs have hounded him to threaten and intimidate him into silence. He says that he has forty percent physical disability, but despite that, no life security. He has served in the Revolutionary Guard Corps for approximately 28 years. However, he is witnessing with his own eyes that these officials are supporting evil and falsehood. If he says anything against their interests they will shut him up and prevent him from doing anything. The man became angrier and pointed his finger at the Guard sitting in front of him, adding: “You are all killers and there is a God Who is witnessing your crimes. One day, God’s punishment will arrive. I must bring you all to justice.” The Guard became furious with the war veteran for that speech and slapped him hard across the face.