Iranian recognition to occupy Al-Ahwaz on state television

Sadegh Zibakalam during his TV program on the official state television in Iran pointed out that Al-Ahwaz was not part of Iran.

Zibakalam said if anyone intern Iran via Baluchistan and spin on Iran can realise the fact that a lot of the current Iranian regions were not Iranian. For example, Baluchistan was under the rule of the Baloch tribes, Khorasan was under the rule of Mohammad Taqi Khan, the cities in north Khorasan were under the authority of the Turkmen, Gilan was under the role of Mirza Kochak Khan Jangali

Azerbaijan was under the role of Sheikh Mohammad Kheyabani and Democratic Part of Azerbaijan, and the Kurdistan region was under the role of Kurds.

However, Al-Ahwaz was completely different case because Al-Ahwaz was under the role of Sheikh Khazal in which Al-Ahwaz was completely out of control of Iranian rule. For instance, the capital city of Al-Ahwaz was Al-Mohammerah city, and the country had own flag. Hence, there was not any authority of Iran on Sheikh Khazaal or Al-Ahwaz.