History of Larijani family


[A clip from VOA Persian popular program called Last Page. In this program, Mahdi Khazali is interviewed about history of Larijani family—the father and the brothers—and says what Khomeini had said about them after Iranian revolution. Khazali is one of the strong critics of Iranian regime within Iran.]


Host: During 1960s, early 1960s, Mirza Hashem Larijani [father of Larijani brothers] wasn’t happy with Ayatollah Khomeini. During the time that Ayatollah Khomeini was turning into a superpower among the clergy opposing monarchy, especially when the events of 1963 happened and police officers attacked Feyzieh Mosque, etc.


MEHDI KHAZALI: In 1963, that move was made. My father and 12 others, I mean 12 seminary teachers, chose Mr. Khomeini as the Grand Ayatollah. Then the Society of Seminary Teachers was shaped at the very same place.


They introduced Mr. Khomeini as the Grand Ayatollah. Then the students went to see Mirza Hashem– some of those students are currently among authorities and some are even high-ranking clergymen now–

and one of those men during the class, in front of all students said, these 12 seminary students have introduced Mr. Rouhollah [Khomeini] as the Grand Ayatollah. Then Mirza Hashem said a sentence in presence of all his students– who are still here, some of them are reformists now. He said: they committed a crime, they betrayed Islam.


This is the sentence Mirza Hashem Amoli, Larijanis’ father, said: Those who selected Khomeini as Grand Ayatollah have betrayed Islam and committed a crime. He [Mirza Hashem] never participated in the Revolution. Whoever says he did is not telling the truth. He didn’t even take part in a demonstration close to his neighborhood mosque.


He was not active then. He did not cooperate. He used to say that Imam [Khomeini] is extremist and radical. And after the Revolution, Imam [Khomeini] said that he [Mirza Hashem] and his sons are British [agents] and should not be given any positions. Now, thank God, all his sons are high-ranking authorities! And this is our pain.