Former IRGC official on using Red Crescent Society as a cover during Bosnia war and helping AlQaida

Host: Was your role there that of a jihadi, military force or a military adviser?

Saeed Ghassemi: Now we can talk about what our role was, because everybody knows about it now. We were those members of the Red Crescent who had gone for giving military training to mujahedins.

Host: You mean the Red Crescent was a cover and you were military advisers?

Saeed Ghassemi: That is because American have written it in their books and its document have come out. Who was this Iranian lady during 2009 sedition? Christiane [Amanpour], with whom all our statesmen like to interview. For example, Mr. Ahmadinejad and Mr. Rouhani, as if she is their step sister. One of the officials was responsible to give intelligence to them. He was a disgraceful spy of CNN and BBC. And it was Christiane [Amanpour] who [exposed us] there.

Host: The journalist?

Saeed Ghassemi: But the truth is that certain things happened in Bosnia. Our presence and Al Qaeda came after us. For a while, [we were with] Al Qaeda forces who had come to Bosnia and Herzegovina and they followed our style – headbands, flags, [calling] their division this or that just as we did – Hamza Seyyed al Shohada Division, for example. They took our style. They came there, mujahedins from all over the world – any free man who was capable of coming. They came there and something new happened: formation of Muslim jihadi units. What has happened in Syria during past 5 or 6 years, had first happened in Bosnia. Any Turk who was hezbollahi and loved Imam [Khomeini] came there from Turkey. They came from France and Germany. They came from Tunisia. It was something strange. It was the movement of global mobilization of Islam, something Imam [Khomeini] had dreamed of.

[Saeed Ghassemi, one of the former IRGC commanders, explains how they had used Iran’s Red Crescent Society as a cover to go to Bosnia and give military training to other Muslim fighters.]