“Give all your salaries to help those in flood areas!”

[Hojatoleslam Abutorabi Fard, Tehran Friday Prayer Imam, asks people to help those who have been damaged by floods all over Iran. Many Iranians are living under the poverty line, and cannot make ends meet.]

Hojatoleslam Abutorabi Fard: Give a percentage of your salary or your income – weaker groups less, and those who are affluent, all their salaries – to this issue, so a great national movement is created. So that our brothers and sisters, dear children of the Islamic country who have been damaged [due to floods] – in the southern region, Lorestan province, Golestan province – feel that Iranian people are standing by them. Let immoral, anti-humanitarian political leaders of America understand that the nation which has authoritatively guarded the revolution will pass these challenges authoritatively. Moreover, it will direct divine blessing and mercy towards itself in these great months.