Divorce before and after the Islamic revolution

What were we? What has become of us!

–After the revolution, the leaders of the regime considered themselves as promoters of marriage and defenders of family values. So let us take a look at the statistics before and after the revolution to see what we were and what has become of us. According to the statistics of the National Organization for Civil Registration, in 1978 the average rate of divorce was annually 15,000 cases. In the view of the twofold growth of the population, we should be witnessing 30,000 divorces per year now. Now guess the number of divorces in 2017: 175,000 cases. 11 times more than before the revolution. 1100% growth of divorce. What do you think the Iranian regime has done to compensate for the growth of divorce after the revolution? They deleted the statistics for divorce before the revolution from the website of National Organization for Civil Registration, just as they do with statistics of inflation, unemployment, and economic growth. Really, what were we and what has become of us!