Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces enters Iran

Abu Mahdi Al Muhandis: In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. I am very happy to be here to help the dear people, the dear people of Khuzestan, the patient people of Khuzestan who helped us a lot for 40 years since the beginning of the revolution. I am here with Ayatollah Jazayeri who has helped Iraqi mujahedin and Iraqi people. We owe a lot to Iranian mujahedin. They were with us against ISIS and against Saddam. It has been 3 or 4 weeks that we have been dealing with the issue of water in Iraq – from Mosul to Basra. And we are using the facilities of Popular Mobilization Forces to save Iraqi people from Mosul to Basra. But we realized we should come to help the people of dear Khuzestan. We have come with all our facilities – engineering, infirmary, etc. We have started our job here for a couple of days. A group has settled here to help our friends. And they are helping people now in villages that have sunk under water or areas that are under water. We are here to help you. A part of our facilities will come. And we will be helping the people of Iran and Khuzestan province.

[Following the devastating flood in southern Iran, Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces has sent its forces to flood-stricken areas for help. But this news faced a lot of criticism in the social networks, as many users see it in relation with suppressing Iranian citizens who protest against the Islamic Republic.]