Islamic Republic senior official lashes out at US, Saudi Arabia

Saeed Jalili: The late prime minister of Pakistan, Mrs. Bhutto, officially said that if certain terrorist groups were formed in the region, America designed it, Saudi paid for it, and we, at some point, implemented it. America’s allies in the region are the despots of the region, and have such a performance with regard to human rights. And then the US president comes and engages in the sword dance with them without any scruples. Just look at this last case: they announced Iran as terrorist. And who do they consider as their allies? Those who chopped their own critics into pieces in their own consulate. Mr. Trump said it officially in front of the media that Iranian nation is a terrorist nation. He said it openly: Iran’s terrorist nation. It wasn’t about one individual, an organization or an entity.

[Saeed Jalili, secretary to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, slams the US for its alliance with Saudi Arabia.]