Islamic Republic senior official: US begged us for help in Iraq!

Saeed Jalili: The US had come there with all its military power. My advice to Trump is that he should ask the US State Department to bring him the begging notes the US sent to Iran through Swiss embassy. At that time, I was deputy to Europe and America affairs in in the foreign ministry – before going to the national security council. They constantly sent us notes, begging us for help. You should read those notes. In those years, I remember the letters the then head of the regime wrote to the supreme leader. These letters exist. These letters indicated their complete helplessness, indicating they couldn’t do anything there.

Host: Can you tell us what their requests were? You say it showed their helplessness; what were they asking for?

Saeed Jalili: The notes they gave us – which certainly exist in the US State Department, in the Swiss embassy, and in our documents – said that we have been trapped in quagmire in Iraq; help us.

[Saeed Jalili, secretary to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, claims that Americans begged the Islamic Republic for help when they went to war in Iraq. Recently, the United States designated the IRGC as a terrorist organization.]