Did Iran help Iraq in confronting terrorism?

[Iraqi PM Adel Abdul Mahdi takes part in a joint press conference in Tehran with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, emphasizing on a relationship with Iran and other regional countries.]  

Iraqi PM Adel Abdul Mahdi: The Islamic Republic helped us in confronting terrorism. Moreover, we managed to have many victories and successes in this regard. And today we are witnessing more stability and peace in Iraq. Today there are important trips to Iraq, and from all important capitals of the world to meet with Iraqi officials. We are witnessing a qualitative change which is to advantage of people in Iraq and other regional countries.Moreover, we believe that Iraq managed to reach here due to the support of the Islamic Republic. We are after developing the advanced relations that already exist between Iraq and the Islamic Republic. We are after making a model for advanced relations with all regional countries. Iraq is not after confining itself to the level of relationship that already exists between Iran and Iraq. It is after deepening and developing that relationship more than before and is after having relationships with Kuwait, Saudi, Jordan, Qatar, Emirates, Turkey, Egypt, and other countries. We must be after making the region stable – a region where there is peace, and the era of wars has ended. As you mentioned – particularly in the issue of Yemen – we are after seeing peace and reconstruction in this country. Moreover, the only solution to achieve this goal is the political solution.