Bagheri in Syria

[Chief of Staff of Armed Forces, Major General Bagheri, goes to Syria for taking part in a trilateral meeting consisting of Iran, Iraq, and Syria, to consolidate the presence of the Islamic Republic in Syria.]

Major General Bagheri: After significant victories in Syria against terrorism which took place in solidarity with Resistance Axis, stabilizing sovereignty in the country and advancement towards liberating the rest of Syria is underway very well. Unfortunately, there are still countries in this region that have kept their forces in Syria without coordination with the lawful government of this country. In this meeting, it will be urged that any country that intends to have forces in Syria must do so with full coordination with and permission of Syria’s lawful government. Just as the Islamic Republic is here upon the official invitation of the Syrian government, the rest too must coordinate with the Syrian government. Moreover, this issue exists in the eastern Euphrates, Idlib province, and other places, and necessary decisions must be made in this regard. It must be underlined that these forces must leave Syria as soon as possible.

Reporter: Promoting military and defense cooperations, further consultation and cooperation in fighting terrorism and the remnants of terrorist groups, going over the latest policies to boost stability and provide security in the region, and holding the tripartite meeting of Tehran, Baghdad, and Damascus are among goals of Major General Bagheri’s trip to Syria. It is said that holding this meeting means announcing victory over terrorist groups throughout Syria. Other programs of Chief of Staff of Armed Forces include meeting with fighters of defenders of the shrine from countries of Resistance Axis and military advisors of Islamic Republic, as well as visiting Bukamal, Euphrates, Deir ez-Zor, eastern Ghouta and suburbs of Damascus.