American citizen goes to court without interpreter or lawyer!

–The American citizen’s court in Mashhad was held without interpreter or lawyer.

–Seven months after arresting Michael White, 46 years old American citizen, Mashhad prosecutor announced the issuance of his sentence without giving any details.

–According to Mashhad prosecutor, Mr. White has both private and public plaintiffs. And there are also security charges in his case.

According to the spokesperson of White family: “The prosecutor has issued a ban on any phone calls, and Michael hasn’t had any contacts with outside the prison. Michael’s court sessions have been held without any interpreter or lawyer. No one knows about charges or details of his case.”

–According to Michael’s mother, her son had gone to visit his Iranian girlfriend, and had repeatedly gone to Iran for the same reason before.

–Michael White, former US Navy veteran, has been imprisoned in Mashhad’s Vakilabad prison for unknown reasons since July 2018.

Date of monitoring: 16/03/2019

Source: Iran Wire