A mullah fights flood in Khuzestan!

–So that, God willing, we, people of Khuzestan, stay safe from dangers of flood, I will throw this blessed turbah into Karoon on the birth anniversary of Imam Hossein, [so that] thanks to Imam Hossein and his blessed tubah [people stay safe]. Greetings to Hossein, to Ali bin Hossein, and to Hossein’s descendants. God, for the sake of Imam Hossein and this blessed day, bless people of Khuzestan. Peace be upon Mohammad.

[While people are losing their lives and houses and while everyone is accusing the Islamic Republic establishment for mismanaging the country and not responding properly to those afflicted in the flood-stricken areas, a shia cleric throws turbah from Karbala into Karun River, the biggest in Khuzestan, to stop it from flooding and endangering people’s lives.]