US bases within reach of Islamic Republic’s missiles

–It makes it possible for the guided system to guide it until striking the target. But meanwhile rockets of Fajr 3 and 5 have made it possible for Palestinian fighters to target different cities of Zionist regime. In addition to targeting the occupied lands, Iranian missiles can target the US military bases in different places in western Asia. Military bases including Bagram in Afghanistan, military bases of Shamsi and Shahbaz in Pakistan, Manas Airport in Kyrgyzstan, Incirlik military base in Turkey, military bases in the Gulf including Al Udeid in Qatar, Ali Al Salem air base in Kuwait, Sheikh Isa base in Bahrain, Al Dhafra air base in Emirates, the US 5th navy fleet base in Bahrain. All these places are within reach of Iranian missiles that are ready to fire. In its recent annual report, Pentagon reminded the danger of Iran’s military power to the US officials as such: Iran has considerable number of missiles that can target the entire region including the military bases of the United States and Israel.