IRGC official on formation of Shia crescent

Saeed Ghassemi: Let’s talk about Africa. Sheikh Zakzaky changed 20 million people. Imam [Khomeini] gave him the permission. Sheikh Zakzaky came to Imam and told him, ‘you tell me what to do. Should I stay and study and become a grand Ayatollah, or go back to Nigeria?’ Imam told him to go to Nigeria and form the Resistance Front and global Islamic basij in Nigeria. He went to Nigeria, and 2 decades later, he changed 20 million people. Let’s move to Lebanon and Gaza. Then there is Bahrain where the conflicts still go on. Forget about glass palaces in Emirates. Let’s go down a bit. Something happened in Yemen which wasn’t supposed to happen. They did some mischievous acts, and Americans and Zionists lost Bab al Mandeb. So in a sense, the crescent – which is by mistake called Shia crescent – has already happened. You might call it Shia crescent, but it is the crescent of pure Islam which has taken place.

[IRGC Brigadier-General Saeed Ghassemi talks about formation of Shia crescent.]