IRGC official on formation of a new Hezbollah in Yemen

Saeed Ghassemi: Rasollah corps went there headed by Ahmad Motevaselian, and unknown figures like Emad Moghnieh and Hassan Nasrallah came to Baalbek and were trained. From among them, these figures appeared. A party was formed there, and Ahmad Motevaselian even named it. It later became Hezbollah which, as we can see, is disrupting the equations in the Middle East. This is one of the Islamic Republic’s phenomena. This was three decades ago. At this juncture, there comes a group from Yemen that we couldn’t even imagine: a new Hezbollah right beside Bab al Mandeb. So today despite the treasons inside the country and impediments that they created for us, if these treasons hadn’t happened and devious reformist currents and its fruits did not exist, we could be at the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, or even further than that.

[Brigadier-General Saeed Ghassemi explains how Islamic Republic created Hezbollah in Lebanon and how a new Hezbollah is created in Yemen.]