Jacuzzi, sauna in Imamzadeh!

–According to ILNA, with Tehran municipality’s budget and with 30 billion tomans, sauna and jacuzzi were built in Imamzadeh Ghazi al Saber in Vanak, Tehran. Naturally, pilgrims who go to this Imamzadeh for pilgrimage might suddenly intend to bathe and take the jacuzzi! But the question is: what can be done with 30 billion tomans? Literacy Movement Organization of Iran has estimated that 60,000 children cannot study due to financial problems, adding that the cost of education for each is 1 million tomans. That means that the cost of building sauna and jacuzzi in this Imamzadeh in Vanak could make literate half of the children who cannot afford to study in the country. What a pity that the country is run by the house of corruption, and Imamzadeh’s jacuzzi is more important than children’s literacy.

Date of monitoring: 09/03/2019

Source: Roozaneh