Intelligence’s Alavi worries over the establishment’s destiny

[Mahmoud Alavi is an Iranian cleric, a conservative politician, and the minister of intelligence in Hassan Rouhani’s government.]

–Those people who are involved with security issues are concerned about the destiny of Iranian establishment. As a result of the remarks of Mahmoud Alavi, the intelligence minister, the leaders of Velayat-e Faqih establishment are clinging to their hats – or, excuse me, their turbans. Intelligence minister said it openly: “If people believe that the pressures are due to the enemy’s actions, the country will pass this difficult situation. But if we say that this condition is not the outcome of America’s activities and is the result of the government’s underwork, people will stand against the officials; they will not tolerate much, and it would result in collapse.” He eventually pointed to people’s slogans during protests, saying ‘if people stand against the government, they won’t separate what was the government’s works from other branches; they will rather go beyond everything in their slogans and will say it is over.’ Now the fundamental question is who is responsible for underdevelopment and defeats of Iran during the past 40 years? The officials or the establishment?

Date of monitoring: 09/03/2019

Source: Roozaneh