A criminal in charge of the judiciary branch in Iran!

–Ebrahim Raisi heading the judiciary branch is, by itself, a crime against humanity. Ebrahim Raisi, 59, son-in-law of Alamolhoda, is the custodian of Astan Quds Razavi. Raisi was one of the agents involved in the massacre of political prisoners in 1980s when 4482 political prisoners were executed. Those who survived the executions during this period have testified that he was a member of “death delegation” in the summer of 1988. “His direct, undeniable participation in the massacre of 1988 summer is a significant issue. If one of the candidates has attacked somebody with a knife, he won’t be able to take a certificate as to lack of criminal records from legal authorities. As for him [Raisi], it is quite self-evident.” [Ahmad Montazeri, son of late Ayatollah Montazeri]. Raisi who wasn’t elected in the presidential election has now reached the pinnacle of the judiciary branch without any voting. What do you think?