Iran’s secret underground missile city (2)

[Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, IRGC Chief, and Brigadier- General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of IRGC’s Aero-Space Forces, talk about Islamic Republic’s secret, underground facilities for building ballistic missiles.]

Major General Jafari: Their presence – military and even non-military – is within the operative range of our missiles. We will certainly use them for only defending our own nation and deprived, oppressed, destitute nations in the region – if they ask for our help – without any restrictions.

Reporter: We won’t use missiles if no one bothers us. But the day we need to use them!

Brigadier- General Hajizadeh: This part goes with it and will guide it to the last second to land on the target.

Reporter: Here is one of the most confidential factories for building precision-guided, surface-to-surface ballistic missiles of the Islamic Republic.

Brigadier- General Hajizadeh: This has fuel.

Reporter: The enemy must know that besides each underground silo for launching our missile, there is an equipped factory which is building a missile with help of Iranian scientists.

Brigadier- General Hajizadeh: This will be ready for launch in 5 or 6 minutes.

Reporter: IRGC Chief and commander of IRGC Aero-Space forces today walked here powerfully instead of all Iranians who are in love with Islam and homeland.

Brigadier- General Hajizadeh: It has a kind of radar which locks on the target.

Reporter: And thanked the elite youths of this land instead of us.