Corruption in the reconstruction of holy shrines!

–Head of the headquarters for reconstructing holy shrines has said that the shrine of Zahra is under construction in an area of 220,000 square meters at 4 million tomans per each square meter. We have also expanded the shrine of Imam Ali 20 times, and we are gilding more six domes. The cost of building Zahra’s shrine is more than 880 billion tomans. On the other hand, member of Chabahar city council has said that 70,000 Iranians live in Chabahar – without electricity and water – in slums in the suburbs of the free zone, where there is not even one meter of waterpipe. Only with the cost of gilding the domes of Imam Ali shrines, they can provide healthy drinking water for these people. And with the cost of each meter of Zahra’s shrine, one slum house can turn into a home. It is a pity that this country is run by corruption. By the way, with the expenses for domes of Imam Ali and Fatemeh, how many times the real houses of these two can be built?