Non-standard Iranian cars cause 17000 death per year!

–Look at these images carefully. The tires of this truck are in the air, and the BMW is tolerating this 20-ton truck but isn’t crushed. What has happened to the passenger of this standard car? He is here — healthy and doing an awareness test. You don’t need to imagine. Look at the accidents of vehicles manufactured in Iran. Seventeen thousand people are annually killed. According to experts, if the cars were standard, the number of the dead would reach less than one fourth. It means that annually 13000 people lose their lives due to the irresponsibility of officials who have blocked the path to importing high-quality cars to the country on the excuse of creating jobs. One hundred twenty-two thousand people work in Iran’s auto industry. It means that for every ten jobs created, more than one Iranian is killed. It is a good business in a country where the lives of human beings are worthless!