Ali Akbar Salehi compares Iran’s oil export to neighboring countries

Ali Akbar Salehi: With the amount of oil we are exporting – I am not going to say how much it is – 81 million people are being managed. Meanwhile, the countries of the Gulf region are exporting oil two or three times more than us with 2 or 3 million populations. It means that if we wanted to export oil in proportion to populations and in proportion to the oil they export, we should be exporting 40 or 50 million barrels of oil, so that we could reach Saudi Arabia today. Just look at how this country [Iran] has maintained itself with one billion barrels of oil. They talk a lot about corruption. And it is good that they talk of corruptions. But corruption is very little. In our own field, everything is advancing as best as possible. I was in Bushehr a couple of days ago. We are constructing two new power plants – apart from Bushehr one – Bushehr 2 and 3. The infrastructure has been constructed. It means that millions of cubic meters of soil have been excavated. Thousands of tons of cement have been poured. But the next cement which belongs to the foundation will hopefully start in next couple of months.

[Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, holds the Islamic Republic is doing okay compared to other regional countries and the amount of their oil export.]