IRGC officials threaten western, Arab and Israeli capitals with missiles!

–Fingers on the triggers.

Brigadier-General Amir Ali Hajizadeh: We have thousands of people – members of IRGC – who are standing by the systems days and nights, with their fingers on triggers, ready for [defending] the national security.

–And when the residents of the missile cities of Islamic Iran roar, it will make those who live in capitals of western, Arab and Hebrew countries tremble.

Brigadier-General Jazayeri: We have not only proper pre-emptive measures, we have pre-emptive measures that will make them regret.

-They have been built in the depth of 500 meters under the ground, and they are so deep that it makes it impossible for the enemy’s espionage satellites to detect them. And they are immune against any attacks, even with anti-nuclear missile weapon.

[Brigadier-General Amir Ali Hajizadeh (IRGC Aero-Space Commander) and Brigadier-General Jazayeri (spokesperson of Armed forces of Iran) threaten using missiles against other countries as pre-emptive measures.’]