Hassan Rouhani: America is after dominance over Iranian people!

Hassan Rouhani: As you know, Americans pulled out of the JCPOA with no good reasons – just as they did so in many of their other obligations. And as they say it themselves, they have imposed the strongest sanctions against Iran. It is because they think that if they continue the sanctions and put more pressures, they can return to Iran. It means that America is only after one goal. That is, they want to return to Tehran and be dominant over people. And this goal is impossible. This nation which has resisted during its fight since 1962 up to the victory of the revolution and 40 years after the victory of the revolution, will keep resisting. The enemy will not achieve its goals. They have tried, but will never succeed in achieving their goals.

[Hassan Rouhani accuses Americans of trying to return to Tehran and have dominance over Iranian people.]