Hassan Rouhani: Curse those who created these conditions for the country

Hassan Rouhani: Let’s not forget the main enemy and conspirator. As I said in my speech last night, if you want to curse, curse those who created these conditions for the country. Americans created these conditions. Zionists created these conditions. Reactionary forces in the region created these conditions. They keep talking about management! It was with this management that we kicked off 4 important phases of South Pars. Yesterday $11 billion projects were kicked off in South Pars. This is the country’s management. 4 provinces were connected to the country’s railroad. That is because of the management. All these villages were connected to water, electricity and gas. Our health sector is making all efforts, just like before. And today I emphasized that the plan for development of health must strongly continue.

[Hassan Rouhani holds Americans and others responsible for the conditions in Iran, considering his own government’s management successful.]