Hassan Rouhani: We have legally defeated the US!

Hassan Rouhani: We were careful and made calculation with regard to what Americans were trying to do. Americans wanted to get out of the JCPOA; then we would get out of the JCPOA; and then we would be taken to Security Council of United Nations and all UN sanctions against Iran would return. We foiled their plan, and didn’t allow it to come true. They didn’t think we would act in this way. They also thought that they would convince Europe, but Europe didn’t buy it. As you know, except for a few countries, today all countries support Iran politically, logically and legally. In different junctures, we had good legal successes. In the Hague International Court and European courts, they voted for us, which means that we could legally defeat the US and we must continue this path.

[Iranian president Hassan Rouhani claims that Islamic Republic has been legally successfully in confronting US sanctions. Nevertheless, as a result of these sanctions, Iran’s economy has deteriorated, and people’s livelihood has worsened.]