Iran multiplies financial spending on air industry

Reporter: Iran’s air defense unveiled another achievement: Nasser 40. This significant radar which was previously only in possession of 8 countries, is now designed and built by Army’s experts.

–Advanced countries had it and would not give its technology to others. Nasser 40 is an auxiliary navigation radar which will ask for all the flight information not from the pilot but from the airplane’s system itself.

–We extract the information regarding direction, altitude, and destination from the airplane online.

Reporter: Does the pilot notice it?

–No. The pilot wouldn’t notice it. That has been built according to ICAO’s international standards.

Reporter: Nasser 40, apart from military function, has a significant role in commercial purpose as well.

–It took almost two years.

Reporter: But the second achievement of the air defense of Army’s Khatam al-Anbiya is building Moeen 40 –a system which can monitor any flying object over the cities.

-It has no limits. Wherever there is a signal in the air, we can launch the system.

Reporter: In other words, no airplane in the sky would notice this radar in the region.

–All the city’s waves – including radio, television, and satellite waves – would hit the moving airplane, and we would receive the information when the tides in return – speed and angle of the target.

Reporter: It means that this uses the waves that return, and you are not the sender, right?

–Our radar doesn’t send a signal. It only receives a signal.

Reporter: These two important were unveiled in the presence of commander of air defense of Army’s Khatam al-Anbiya and were deployed.

Reporter: Designing and building these systems would also help the country’s economy as each system saved $2 million.

Date of monitoring: 01/03/2019

Source: Akharin Khabar