If Khamenei did not meet with Bashar Assad, then who did?

[Following the meeting of Bashar Assad and Khamenei in Tehran, Khamenei’ photoshopped picture rekindled the question of using his counterpart when he is ill.]

–Do you know these two? Bashar Assad embraced by Khamenei. But lets look at it more closely. Khamenei either doesn’t shake hands or doesn’t do it with his mangled hand. But we went beyond that. Look at his hand – a hand with natural skin and not compatible with other pictures. Second point: compare Khamenei’s smile with his other smiles. And finally, the issue of height. The height of this person was so unnatural in front of Bashar Assad that Khamenei’s official website had to photoshop it and make him look taller. These differences raised the issue of another person called Mir Taher – Khamenei’s counterpart – once again. Whenever Khamenei is ill or is in danger of being assassinated – just like the trip to Kurdistan – an individual called Mir Taher replaces him. Did Mir Taher make a gaff this time by shaking hand with the right one? What do you think?