Abdallah Al-Mouallimi, Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the UN and Chair of the Advisory Board of the UNCCT.


As a matter of fact,  I feel and it seems what we have said about the Iranian regime crimes against Ahwazi Arabs had “touched a raw nerve,” of the Iranian Islamic Republic’s representative. Because he tried to disregard and undermine all the comments mentioned in this regards.  Sunni Muslims and Ahwaz Arabs are facing persecution and afflicted by hidden crimes undeclared by Iran, which it perpetrates and covers it up all over the place

Before the Iranian delegate gives advice to anyone else, he should return to [Iran’s] own history, as Iran along with Israel are the two and the longest-enduring State sponsors of terrorism in the world.

Iran supports Hezbollah, which has carried out terrorist operations all over the world, Iran has sheltered al-Qaida leaders in its country. Iran has carried out in my country – in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – a number of well-documented terrorist attacks, such as the Khobar Towers attack and others. Iran is still practicing terrorism by sectarian war in Syria.

Despite all these, Iran is   talking about protecting Sunni people in Iran. Anyway I am sufficed by this response. But regarding the Syrian representative who talked a while ago, his comment was so naïve to the extent that he does not deserve to respond to him