Unveiling Hoveizeh cruise missile


Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami: I congratulate the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. Long-range cruise missile called Hoveizeh which is given to armed forces today will complete the defensive chain of Islamic Republic. We are living at an age when there are rulers who pay no attention to nations’ rights, to nations’ sovereignty, and to people’s votes. And without any commitments to international accords and laws and regulations, they easily step over them. In such a world, reason and logic require that we defend our national security and national interests with all our power. This product has certain prominent features. With a range of more than 1300km, it is from Sumar cruise missile family. It requires a short time to be prepared, flies in low altitude, has a strong warhead, and will strengthen the defensive chain of the country.

Date of monitoring: 10/02/2019

Source: IRINN