Sacred Personalities became just Dolls Ceremonies

[IRIB report about making dolls in relation to Arbaeen and Imam Hossein. The Iranian regime is accused of indoctrinating children with its own ideology.]

 Reporter: Zaynabs [dolls] are made here, and Mohsens [dolls] over there. The trip starts here: Barkat workshop in Upper Abardeh village, close to the city of Mashhad. And it ends here, in the middle of the road from Najaf to Karbala in these little hands.

–We want these two dolls to become two popular characters for children. So that when they go to them or their accessories, they get to know Arbaeen and find attachments to Arbaeen pilgrimage.

Reporter: They started four years ago. Before that, they had frequent meetings about cultural works for children. When Arbaeen march became popular, the question of ‘what is left to do for Arbaeen’ opened the door for making dolls to them.

–I am not a doll maker. I am doing my cultural duty. In this path, if it is necessary, I will produce dolls; if necessary, I will produce animations; if necessary, I will go to the street and talk to people; if necessary, I will do theoretical, research or analytical works.

Reporter: In the first year, with help of charitable people, 4000 dolls were made just a few days left to Arbaeen. But the appearance of the product was different from its original design.