Iranian official: Saudi has no choice but normalizing relationship with Tehran

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian: If the entire world says Hezbollah is terrorist, the evil commander of ISIS would say that ‘I don’t believe Hezbollah is terrorist – even though we are enemies and they have fought with us in Syria. If they were terrorists, they would have assassinated me there.’ Therefore, I want to say that given this constructive regional role, it is very complicated for Americans and the west to find a way for stopping the Islamic Republic’s constructive role. In past years, Saudi Arabia has had a very unconstructive, destructive role in our region. Saudi Arabia used the power of its oil dollar and used Wahhabism – which is now hated by the west – to advance its goals. And the outcome has been formations like ISIS terrorist group and Al Nusra Front, etc. in our region. But I think Saudis have no other choice but return to a more constructive role in the region. And even with regard to relationship with the Islamic Republic, Saudis have no choice but normalizing relationship with Tehran. Because Saudis know and believe that Iran’s behavior is constructive in the region. But now under the influence of Trumpism and Netanyahu, they think that an atmosphere has been created in which they can achieve certain goals. Saudis know this, but need time. In future, no options but dialogue in Yemen, Bahrain, Venezuela – outside the region – and Libya can be on the tab

[Special aide to the speaker of Iran’s parliament, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, holds that Saudi Arabia has no choice but holding talks with Iran over regional issues.]