Iranian oil minister: Never has there been so much pressure on Iran’s oil industry

Bijan Zanganeh: America has attacked the Islamic Republic by targeting the oil industry. It means that they want to disable two things: first of all, they want to stop our selling oil – or the less [we sell], the better. If they don’t succeed in that, they want to not allow us to transfer its money. It means banks and oil. But the main target is oil, because if [selling] oil is stopped, there will be no money to be transferred. There has never been so much pressure on the oil industry as is now. People must now that we are now engaged in an all-out war, and the only difference with the time of war [with Iraq] is that we have no dead or wounded people.

[Iranian oil minister Bijan Zanganeh talks about the US pressure on Iran’s oil industry, calling it full-scale war against Iran.]