The solution for chain murder of dissidents in Iran!

[Mostafa Tajzadeh, acting minister of interior under former president Khatami, explains how the hardliners proposed to resolve the issue of the chain murder of dissidents in Iran by arresting and executing innocent people, after forcing them to confess to those murders. The Islamic Republic is known for coercing individuals to confess against themselves to acts they haven’t committed.]

Mostafa Tajzadeh: I am talking about chain murders. The chain murder took place and you keep saying it was your friend, it was Kazemi, etc. Mr. Zakani, as for chain murders, who said it should be disclosed? And who was against disclosing it, saying we should remain silent and resolve the issue in a different way? They brought a proposal to Mr. Khatami. They proposed a scenario, just like the one in Mashhad. They said, ‘we will find a couple of MEK members, and we say they did it’. (You know, just like the confessions they know how to obtain). ‘Then we will execute them and blame them [for chain murders]. But we promise that no such thing will ever happen again, and the intelligence ministry will be cleared’.

Date of monitoring: 05/02/2019