Khomeini on annihilating Israel!

[Recently Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif claimed neither any Iranian official nor Khomeini has ever asked for the destruction of Israel. These are excerpts from Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran, in which he directly calls for the annihilation of Israel.]

Khomeini: They are fighting Islam, they are fighting Muslims. If we find the opportunity, we will destroy them all. If they step foot in Iran, if an Israeli steps foot in Iran, it is compulsory to destroy them all.

[Israel must be wiped off the earth. Al Quds belongs to Muslims and was the first Muslims’ qibla.]

Khomeini: It is our duty to rise for God and for protecting Muslim countries and against these two cancerous tumors: one is the corrupt party of Ba’ath in Iraq and the other is Israel. Today if everybody rises, Israel will be completely destroyed.

Date of monitoring: 04/02/2019

Source: Insta – Fars_News