Europeans’ bridge to Iran with electronic visas!

[Europeans are exempted from having Iran’s visas stamped in their passports.]

 Anchor: Story of Europeans’ low-profile trip to Iran.

Reporter: The story that was controversial today was about Europeans’ low-profile entrance to Iran.

–Just as Iran’s visa has become electronic and the visa is issued electronically, so no visa labels will be stamped in passports of citizens of foreign countries who enter Iran. It is electronic. So, the entrance stamp is also electronic.

Reporter: As it is said, there won’t be any entrance stamps in the passports of the Europeans who enter Iran.

–It has two reasons. One is expediting the control and entrance of foreign citizens at the time of entering the country – particularly at airports. The other is preventing forging visas. When a visa is issued electronically, it cannot be forged.

Reporter: Apparently, the foreign ministry too is aware of the issue.

–In interaction and cooperation with the foreign ministry, this measure has been taken for several months.

Reporter: This person [Trump] has recently said that if Europeans have the signs of entering Iran in their passports, they have no right to enter the US. But this measure of domestic officials as to not stamping the passports of Europeans who enter Iran is very questionable.