Iran’s Shahab 3 ballistic missile

–Shahab 3 missile, which was Iran’s big step to reciprocate the threat of Israeli occupying regime, was produced in 1998. The range of this 15.5 meter-long, surface-to-surface missile is 1150km. 1150km means that Iran – from the western borders – can target Tel Aviv, the heart of the Zionist regime, in case of any possible threats. The 670kg warhead of this missile can be a horrifying nightmare for any possible enemy.

Amir Ali Hajizadeh [IRGC Aero-Space commander]: It was 1150km. He said we must have something to give us access to Zionists so we can target there [Israel]. It means that with our first missile, we had to move back 50km from the border so we could target Israel.

Date of monitoring: 02/02/2019

Source: Ofoq Channel