Iran’s Ghadr ballistic missile



–Ghadr surface-to-surface missile. Ghadr F with 1950km and a 650kg warhead has the capability to respond from the depth of Iran to possible invasion of Israeli occupying regime as the Islamic Republic’s number 1 enemy. This missile, as the enhanced model of Shahab 3 and without limitation for launching from western borders, made it possible for many locations within the Islamic Iran’s sacred soil to threaten Israel with a missile. Even though Iran’s missile capability owes its fame to Shahab 3 missiles, Ghadr, as a 16-meter horrendous missile with expanding the range of firing, emphasized the point that missile unit knows no limit when it comes to the honor of Iran. The ranges of type S and H of this missile are respectively 1350km and 1650km.

 Amir Ali Hajizadeh [IRGC Aero-Space commander]: It means increased access to ranges and quality when we reached this conclusion. Now we can see that it has been years that in the field of liquid fuel, Shahab 2 is produced, and as for our long-range missiles, Ghadr F and Ghadr H are produced with liquid fuel.

Date of monitoring: 02/02/2019

Source: Ofoq Channel