Angry Iranian people in long line for buying chicken!

–He says we should come back at 5 pm. We have been standing in line since 2 o’clock for a couple of chickens.

–To but 6 kilograms of chicken. Our wives and daughters are all in streets! And we are happy that we are standing in line!

–Would God be happy with this? I have stood in the line since 2 o’clock with pain in my legs and backache, to see if I can get some meat. Is that fair?

–The country’s officials do not have honor!

–He stands and watches. He enjoys it very much that how good our people are!

–They don’t have honor. Look at our wives and daughters in streets and alleys. And they are taking pictures to send to foreign countries.

–Which foreign country is like that? And other countries are making fun of us! Tell the officials that this is not fair! It is not people’s fault.

[Iranian people have to stand in long line for buying their essential needs including meat and chicken. The prices of essential goods have skyrocketed since last year, after the fluctuation in the currency market and inflation.]