Zarif: we shouldn’t blame imperialism for our inefficiency

Mohammad Javad Zarif: That we are proud of people doesn’t mean that we should say it is people’s duty to do so and so. It is our duty to appreciate people’s resistance and alleviate the pressure on the people. We shouldn’t say people always resist, have resisted for 40 years, so they will continue to resist. No! Then what is our role? Why have people elected us? Why have they elected the government? If people were supposed to resist and all problems would be resolved by people’s resistance, they what is our duty? Just as we cannot hide behind the conspiracies of imperialism and dominant order and blame our own inefficiency on them, so we cannot hide behind the people’s resistance. It is our duty as these people’s officials to alleviate the pressure on the people. This is what we are trying to do. To what extent we are successful or not must be judged first by the people and then by God. But the truth is what America lost in the JCPOA was a strategic defeat and it lost six resolutions.

[Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif asserts that Iranian officials must not blame imperialism or conceal behind the idea of “people will resist” to cover for their own inefficiency.]